Suspension monitoring - Logging

I'm very far away from being knowledgeable, when it comes to Suspension.
Even more than that, I have no clue at all.
Maybe it's because - I never had to think about Suspension really.
Maybe because I'm simple too slow on track to have Suspension Probs ?
Maybe because the Forks and shocks I'm using since 1994 are always Top Products ?

Who knows ?

That's why I went to measure the Shock and Fork Travel through Linear Displacement Sensors.
They are a great help, as they allow you to see a lot ( partially depending on Logging Analysis Software ):

The necessary linear Positioning Sensors are now available in my Shop.
They are the same as what WSBK or GP Teams use, with sealing class IP 66.


And if you need even more Information.
Mount one linear Sensor as the GP-Desmosedici has mounted it, to see your steering behaviour :