MV Augusta F4 , what has happened past couple of weeks





November 29/2008.

The Carbon/Ceramic -MV Augusta Brakediscs now on Stock .




November 27/2008:

The Accuracy of the Motec BL1 GPS Module seems to be good to very good.

Satellite Pictures of my Workshop, integrated the Drift of the GPS ( Bike stood on the Lifter).

Screenshot 1 ( Google earth) , my former Sanavcorp GPS :

Screenshot 2 ( Google earth) , the Motec BL1 GPS : 

A good Article regarding Accuracy of GPS Positioning at standing Objects you can find here German, but includes Graph's and Pictures)



November 25/2008:

Those are the Motec ( Blackline ) GPS Modules
They allow up to 20Hz Position Updates.

After comparatively short Time of initial Setup (Wiring / ADL2 Settings ) the "cold" Start took 30 Minutes - indoors.
The "Warm"-Start indoors was 6 Minutes, and 4-6 Satellites found :



November 17/2008:

Waiting for Pro-GPS Module
Waiting TC Triggerdisc which need to manufactured.

Then I will start with final assembly.



November 9/2008:

A short Insight into the Motec SLM programming features, Screenshot of the ADL Dash Manager Software /Functions/Shiftlight-Module:




Tyre Temp monitoring Sensors, they will be mounted on the hugger, with a small hole for the IR-Sensor:



November 8/2008:

All about programming the Motec SLM today .
For SLM capabilities please check SLM Overview from Motec-Website, inside my Shop check HERE

That Unit is a Hammer.
But be aware, there are different Opportunities to control this SLM, depending on which Motec device you use:


Well, considering you use 1 Pattern an general warning Light, then still 15 are left over, which you normally are not able to memorize. So the main Functions I've programmed:

- For no Alternator use, just Race on Battery : 2 LED'S green from 12,00 to 13,00 Volt , 4 LED'S green from 13 Volt on
- Tyre Temps: each 2 Outside LED'S for below 60° Tyre Temps, each 1 Outside LED'S for below 80° Tyre Temps (rear R/L), cyan Color.
- General real case sensitive warning light: 8 red LED'S and flashing
- Fuel and Laps reset reminder ( purple)
- Traction Control working ( 2 different Patterns , orange)
- Shiftlight , 2 Patterns, color : white
- Traction Control disable 4 red LED'S, non flashing

..... my Ideas from today


November 6/2008:

Wires are like thoughts :one wrong thought involves the next wrong one - necessarily
The main wire harness was build in Italy ( more Info below) , and now I have to put on top my wire harness inconveniently.
Would probably have been better to build it new from Scratch.




November 5/2008
Past 2 days it was all about wiring.

Routed wires for Sensors/Switches:



November 3/2008

Not much left of the MV .
I'm placing and building Sensors at present.
Try to find out which wire is routed where, as I do have no documentation about the wire Harness ( Motec M800/ADL ), so it's hard work.
~ 60 Wires inside this harness, and only 9 different colors.

Due to some minor mods ( Battery exchange, Alternator removal, Carbon Ceramic Brakediscs ) I'm able to shave ~ 22 lbs, well not a lot, but my Time Frame is limited.




October 25/2008

The Background may be I love Porn, but that's not focused correct:
The Foreground is the very nice Switch of the Ducati 848, bit smaller as the 1098, so bit less weight at same functionality.
What you can see here is a internal Switch rewiring for the Motec ADL, to control a couple of Functions.

So for the ADL/M800 I have have now:

- Scroll Lines up
- Scroll Lines down
- Change Display ( Display Mode Button )
- Fuel reset
- Laptimes reset
- Alarm Ack Button
- Traction Control ON/OFF



October 24/2008

This MV-Augusta so far so good already has all the goodies you may be able to imagine.
Even Motec M800 incl. ADL.

So not much work left for me.
I "just" have to mount a couple of Sensors and the Datarecording-Setup, and to implant a sophisticated Traction Control.

The wire harness for the MV was done in Italy, and done very well, but the probs for me are:
- No Documentation, so I have to find out which wire is routed where
- usage of only ~ 10 different colors, makes it very difficult to distinguish
- totally closed and sealed Plugs ( good if you're done 100%), which I have to open now again.