Motec Dashlogger ADL2 /SDL /EDL

There are a lot of descriptions on the Internet for those Motec Dashlogger devices, and they all are very technical and detailed regarding the Features of those Dashloggers.
Of course those Spec-Sheets are very helpful if you need to compare the Motec Dashes with others, or to compare the Motec Dashlogger among themselves.

But what I found out, working with those Dashloggers for 2 years now: all the descriptions did not really meet the heart of those devices.

I named those Dashloggers Category III Dashes - professional Computers, which are Dashes just " by the way "
To give a rough Idea, what those Computers/Dashes (next to logging anyway ) are able to :

Such Computers do have 30 - 50 fully programmable In -and Outputs , and ( depending on the used ECU ) they're able to have active control of Engine Management , they can calculate TC Settings depending on GPS Signals and/or Suspension Positions or velocities, can do automatically double-declutch via drive by wire or a valve.... or whatever you have in mind what you'd like to control or adjust.
Those computers work with tables you can configure as you like, Outputs which you can use as voltages or frequency ( PWM or PPM).

If you just need to display a bit rpm here, Laptimes there - then those devices are kinda overkill, as you would only use 0.5% of the whole capability. I'd recommend then to go for a cheap dash as from AIM or others, which are sufficient for that purpose......except you only would like go for a ADL2 or SDL because the noble looks.

My way of view regarding the Motec Dashes:

Most important for me, those devices are Function-generators:

What you need, what you like, at least I have found no limits. Nothing at present what I can't do with those devices.

But there are differences between SDL - EDL - ADL2.
My short recommendation list what to use for which purpose . A raw overview about the differences :


  1. The SDL has not so many In- and Outputs as the ADL2, but - if you do not intend to build a rolling Lab - they are sufficient for normal Race/Road Bikes

  2. The SDL has one programmable Display, the ADL2 has 3 different programmable Display Modes

  3. The SDL has no math Functions, PID Control and no Timer, but normally you do not need those Functions

  4. The SDL has each two 3D + 2D programmable Tables , ADL2 each 16

  5. The logging Rate max. at the SDL is 200Hz, the ADL2 up to 1000Hz

  6. The maximum Logging Capacity at the SDL 8Mb, ADL2 16Mb

  7. Max Lambda Probes SDL one , ADL2 two

  8. 20 programmable Alarmparameters max. at the SDL , max. 40 at the ADL2


The EDL ( enclosed Dashlogger ) is moreless the same as the ADL2. It is just one difference :

The EDL was designed for all those, who already have a working/existing Dash, and like to use the EDL for Logging, Calculations and Controlling

Backlit or not ?
It really depends on the Purpose.
Blue Illumination/Backlit looks nice, I know.
But, the no backlit Versions do have a better contrast, and the Contrast is even higher the brighter the environment is.

My recommendation :