Motec SLM

Shift Light Module

November 9/2008:

A short Insight into the Motec SLM programming features, Screenshot of the ADL Dash Manager Software /Functions/Shiftlight-Module:





November 8/2008:

All about programming the Motec SLM today .
For SLM capabilities please check SLM Overview from Motec-Website, inside my Shop check HERE

That Unit is a Hammer.
But be aware, there are different Opportunities to control this SLM, depending on which Motec device you use:


Well, considering you use 1 Pattern an general warning Light, then still 15 are left over, which you normally are not able to memorize. So the main Functions I've programmed:

- For no Alternator use, just Race on Battery : 2 LED'S green from 12,00 to 13,00 Volt , 4 LED'S green from 13 Volt on
- Tyre Temps: each 2 Outside LED'S for below 60° Tyre Temps, each 1 Outside LED'S for below 80° Tyre Temps (rear R/L), cyan Color.
- General real case sensitive warning light: 8 red LED'S and flashing
- Fuel and Laps reset reminder ( purple)
- Traction Control working ( 2 different Patterns , orange)
- Shiftlight , 2 Patterns, color : white
- Traction Control disable 4 red LED'S, non flashing

..... my Ideas from today