April 15/2009:

GPS Data are a incredible help in "Rapid Mapping", as those Data indicate which Sections in TP/RPM first to take care of.
I use such Screens mostly for fast initial/basic Mapping from Scratch, or for fine (-real world ) adjustment after Dynoruns.




November 27/2008:

The Accuracy of the Motec BL1 GPS Module seems to be good to very good.

Satellite Pictures of my Workshop, integrated the Drift of the GPS ( Bike stood on the Lifter).

Screenshot 1 ( Google earth) , my former Sanavcorp GPS :

Screenshot 2 ( Google earth) , the Motec BL1 GPS : 

A good Article regarding Accuracy of GPS Positioning at standing Objects you can find here German, but includes Graph's and Pictures)



November 25/2008:

Those are the Motec ( Blackline ) GPS Modules
They allow up to 20Hz Position Updates.

After comparatively short Time of initial Setup (Wiring / ADL2 Settings ) the "cold" Start took 30 Minutes - indoors.
The "Warm"-Start indoors was 6 Minutes, and 4-6 Satellites found :




July 14 2008
Wired up the Motec ADL 2 with GPS, was a bit busy on track to initialize the whole System, but worked good at the End.
But the Analysis of the Data takes so much PC-Power , that I was forced to use my Workshop-Computer .

The 2 guys here which I can rely on in Q's of Electronics/Programming, and my girlfriend, which always keeps a cool head when I tend to get Nuts in Case something cannot be forced to work as I want to......


Detail, the Interpolation of the 5Hz Test-GPS Module by Motec I2pro works very good.


First tests on the lifter.
GPS installed at my 999V2