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NEMESIS Traction Control now available for 600RR 03-04 !


June 24/2011.





April 20/2009.
The latest Developments regarding our latest 600RR

More Details soon.


March 23/2009:

We're reworking a M800 for a Test.
What you see here is the first raw Prototype.


Feb 01/2009: update Pic

A couple more Sensors are involved now, this 600RR is turning into a Lab
Full List of Sensors/Features/monitored/logged Channels ~ end of March



Jan 19/2009:

The Wire Harness ( Motec M800 + SDL ) for the 600RR is done and everything works so far.


Nov 30/2008:

Lot of things have happened past 4 Weeks.
The most serious lightweight CBR600RR rebuild which ever has taken Place on Earth.
Because it's Peter's Bike, and Peter is even much more crazy than me.

Close to no Screw ( replaced by Titanium or Aluminum anyway ) which is not drilled hollow.
Even the Quickshift-Sensor is lightened from 68gr. down to 42 gr.


Peter - soldering Sensors:


Oct. 19/2008

Some Details of a max. light 600RR rear Axle :


Looks very nice...even mounted :



Sept. 29/2008

The Max 600RR Rebuild again.
Scheduled Date to have the Bike finished : ~ May 15 2009

This Time I will try to picture each Step of the rebuild, and we even will try to lower the weight ( including Starter and all Fluids... just without Fuel : below 300lbs)

Here we start, today:






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