MV Agusta F4 / Motec  and other Specials

The MV-Agusta Vids on Youtube

Short Sound check and overview: LINK I
ADL2 Contrast and SLM Brightness Demo :LINK II



7.Dezember 2011 the Cable Clutch Conversion for the MV Agusta is finished, and will be available inside my Shop in approx one week !




29 September 2011.





April 10/2009.
Now the MV is prepared for track.
Everything on Board, from TC to Tyre Temps to GPS to close to everything, including Logging
The fine work starts tomorrow.
Here's the initial raw wheel-calibration-Ride on our cart way:



Jan 15/2008:

The MV is finished.
Everything on board and calibrated ( Motec M800/ADL2):
- Lean Angle sensors
- Tyre Temps
- Suspension
- Wheelspeeds/TC Settings

..... and so on .

The Video of the starting Procedure/Soundcheck soon on Youtube


A simple Bracket for 2 rear Wheel Speed Sensor.
Well, was simple, just had to to it- but that's not easy done, especially if you consider that the Sensors should be located ~ 1.0 mm Offset the Swingarm with a tolerance of 0.2mm +/- .

I went for 2 Wheel speed Sensors for Redundancy regarding Traction Control.

TC is a sensitive thing - so now, as the Motec M800 allows 2 rear Speed Sensors - I went for those 2 sensors to achieve maximum Safety for TC Logic.





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