New developments in our Workshop regarding Motec Stuff


February 11/2011:

the final and ultimate Conversion from Carburetor to Injection. VFR 400 initial starting Procedure with Injection/Motec M800




January 27/2010: BMW S1000RR - GOT IT !

The Combination of a free programmable ECU from Motec (here M800), and the Drive by wire Unit of the S1000RR.
With all the benefits, that you do not have with a OEM or BMW race ECU:
- Throttle Blip at downshifting
- Adjustable Engine Brake Moment
- fully individual TC, you van use all Tyres you like
- individually adjustable Lauch Control
- with "Key Lock Switch" you could adjust the Horsepower in a way that you could even let ride the Beamer by your Son...
- Logging
- Lambda Control

.. well and Tons of other Stuff, only the restriction of your possible Ideas can restrict the MoTeC ECU.




2010 August 1:

The new miniature Speed Sensor is done !
Fits also directly into the mounting Spots of BMW/KTM/Aprilia

With LED Indication




2009/Dec 27 : RVF 400 Carburetor to Injection Conversion with Motec M400, check the RC30 Website



2009/Dec 20 : the modular wire Harness is done


2009/Nov 20:

At present I'm inside a Development of a modular wire Harness for Motec M800 / ADL / SDL / SLM.
A wire Harness, which has a lot of Advantages :

The beginning:





2009/Oct 24:

DRIVE-BY-WIRE / Yamaha R1 2009.
Drive by wire is the Future, the way to go.

So I started to learn this new field.
Check out my Yamaha-Web



March 26/2009.
This is just a Test, we rework a M800 for a cleaner wire harness.
The Trick is - in the End every Sensor, every device controlled, every Injector has it's own Power Supply, and there's no more splicing of wires necessary.

The Beginning, the Prototype...our Test Motec: