Lean Angle Sensor / Monitoring

Nov 2008:

The Datarecording of the first Tests with my lean angle Sensors.
Because they work optically, they work only in dry Conditions, at least is this what I think, as I never had tested them wet.

But they work perfect, with a incredible Accuracy.
And they are able to distinguish between left- and right Hand Corners !

Check below, User 6 are left Hand, User 7 are right Hand corners.
Displayed on the graph are of lean Angle.
The Calibration I made was rough, but even this rough Calibration shows the Accuracy of the Lean Angle Sensors.



Here is the lean Angle Sensor, it's available at my online-Shop:




Feb 2008:
That's not so easy.
We're working on that and will try to develop a good working System .

Mai 2008, after :

I think that for a accurate detection of the lean angle of a Motorcycle a mixture of Sensors their mathematical processing of Data will lead into good results to refine Traction Control.
One thing is /empirical : Data analysis of the won Data
The other one experimental : starting with some Ideas I have.
.... cant go wrong, if the Influence of new Parameters for TC is only minor at the beginning.
At present I do have a TC System, which is working really good, but refining and permanent Invention can't be wrong.