Tyre Temps Monitoring


That's not new of course, at least not within professional leagues as GP.

But why shouldn't all the benefits be available for Hobby Racing or semi-professional Racing Teams ?

  1. The Tyre is working optimal in a certain window only

  2. Too low or too high Temps for a certain Tyre means less grip and more wear

  3. Different Riding Styles and Skills of the Driver lead in different Tyre Temps, also

  4. Different Tyres have different Temperature Windows , for different purposes

  5. So everyone can find out the Tyre which is working best for HIM, as some Tyres only work when really used "hard", some opposite

IR-Sensor mounting

Below the Tyre Temps from first test Ride of my 1098 V3, and if you open the Thumbnail you'll see the raw wiring of Tyre Temp monitoring Sensors (at a MV Augusta ), they will be mounted on the hugger, with a small hole for the IR-Sensor:    or here, a mounting example :

IR-Sensor Datalogging

IR Sensor Specification



Got it now: Infrared Temperature Sensor with 2 sideward 4mm mounting Spots.
Measuring Range (To) from -20C to 340C.

I can program each sensor for desired range of reading within the Limits mentioned above.
The Sensor comes standard with a measuring range between 0C to +200C ( so 32 to 392 Fahrenheit ).

The Specs:

  1. Object Temp reading fom -20C to 340C
  2. Supply Voltage 5 Volt
  3. Horizontal mounting Spots
  4. Wire Exit sidewards
  5. Tolerable Distance to Object from 0,1 - 12cm
  6. Operating Temperature from -40C to 80C
  7. 17mm height
  8. Output Characteristics : PWM
  9. Measurement resolution of 0.01C
  10. Resolution 0-120C : 0.15C
  11. Calibration Table for Motec ADL/EDL/ADL2 available (DIG or SPEED Inputs )
  12. Weight: 31gr. incl. 1.5 Meter Cable
  13. Automotive Grade