Drive by Wire R1-RN22

The Opportunities with a Motec ECU

January 27/2010: Drive by wire - the BMW S1000RR  and Motec M800

The Combination of a free programmable ECU from Motec (here M800), and the Drive by wire Unit of the S1000RR.
With all the benefits, that you do not have with a OEM or BMW race ECU:
- Throttle Blip at downshifting
- Adjustable Engine Brake Moment
- fully individual TC, you van use all Tyres you like
- individually adjustable Lauch Control
- with "Key Lock Switch" you could adjust the Horsepower in a way that you could even let ride the Beamer by your Son...
- Logging
- Lambda Control

.. well and Tons of other Stuff, only the restriction of your possible Ideas can restrict the MoTeC ECU.






A DBW Unit makes it possible to make to open the Butterfly's even if you do not wrench the throttle : The Video on You tube          




Factory Yamaha R1 Screenshot, Assen Race, Throttle Target (rpm, gear).

Sometimes your faster with less throttle.
Sometimes not.
It all depends.
On Skills, Tyres, Track, Gear, Weather, Transmission, Throttle Acceleration, Lean angle..... whatever.

Drive by wire does decouple the Throttle cables from the Butterfly's.
Means - you may think now you're ok for full throttle, but the tables and the programming behind say it's very probably not the best Idea now in this Situation to go for 100% - so i.E. the Throttle only opens 70%.

So it all depends on the Tables.
Drive by Wire does introduce a wide open field of Application, from Pro Level racing to driving Schools.
Even individual settings of power release ( maybe locked with a key ) for a whole motorcycling Family ...Father, Mother, Son, Daughter ... are possible.


The Motec ECU gives you the total freedom to determine what happens, when you or your Son may wrench the Throttle.


More later.