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Short Note - this is the Entry Page, displaying the News of past couple of Months.
All the "older" News are summarized in the "Rebuild 2008 and 2009 " Section

September 24/2015: Kinda insight ?






May 15/2012:

Now available, the 330x6mm Braketech AXIS/IRON narrow Band Brakedisc !




November 17/11:

Some better Pics.
Now shown im Combination, my Rearsets + Monocoque. 

Way better flow/Optics than OEM .





November 12/11:

Building a roadgoing Desmosedici with:

- Nemesis TCS
- my rearsets
- my Monocoque
- my special cable clutch conversion


+ a special Battery-Bracket will come, especially made for the 6,9 Amp Flatpack.
    Because removing the Fueltank, and putting it back on is really Terror due to the limited Space.

So I will create a bit more Space to make Life easy.

Better /Detail-Pics will come soon




July 18/11: Desmosedici Race Sprocket Cover available inside my Shop

It took two years to make a new mold, as the first one was not really good, but now the race sprocket Cover is definitely available, check the Shop.



July 17/11: Desmosedici Durbahn Cable Clutch Conversion.

Available in a few Days.

Available already inside my Shop:

D16RR Carbon OEM heelguards

D16RR Termignoni Carbon Undertail





July03/11: Desmosedici Durbahn Carbon Swingarm Protectors

Now available in the Shop.




June 28/11: Desmosedici Durbahn Carbon Swingarm Protectors

Soon available .



Mai 06/11: Desmosedici Airbox/Injection Manifold

The OEM Desmosedici Airbox is too heavy ( 1.3kg), and has not enough Volume.
So I made a new Throttle-Bodies Connector-Plate from Carbon, essential, to get rid of the OEM Airbox.

I will fab a much larger and less weight Airbox, where also the Injection-Manifold is integrated.

I may place the Motec M800 inbetween the funnels, but that's not clear at present.







March 10/11: The cleaning Job - the Engine coated now
My D16 Engine had only 1000 Miles on the Clock, but I hate the Dirt.... meanwhile.
So here is the Solution- clean the Engine, and protect it with Teflon-Acryl.
The next Time you've to clean the engine you'll have a easy Job. The Spray is inside my Shop.




March 10/11: Cable Clutch Conversion for the Desmosedici
Started yesterday with the assembly on the D16, to make this Clutch conversion available.



March 4/11: Overview
Today was cleanig Day.
The Dust from past 2 years needed to be removed, then I detected, even some other Parts - which had been not focused before-need to be removed.
So the Airbox, including heavy internals, next to other Bits.
I just thought: "ok, I strip that Bike down to the Max".

The finalization of my Desmosedici is scheduled for August 2012






February 28/11 Desmopaint.

The Desmosedici indeed has to be red. 
But because the OEM Desmosedici Parts have up to 3-4 slightly different Colors of Red, so we attempted to create the "middle-Red" inbetween all those different OEM Red's, which attempt seems to be successful.


February 2/11.

It looks like my rearsets for the Desmosedici are doing a perfect Job.
The field testing last year with a couple of Riders from Europe was successful. They've told me, the behavior of the Bike, the predictability, the stability is greatly improved.
I am attempting now to fab a few more rearsets-Assy's, which I expect to be done end of March.


November 10/10: Paintservice

For painting it is not so easy to hit the OEM Desmosedici Color tone, especially because the OEM Desmosedici Parts have slightly different Red-tones.
We found some kind of "middle" red tone in-between the Variations of the D16 OEM Red-Tone, which allows us now to offer Paint service, either to paint my Parts in OEM Color scheme, or to repair scratched OEM Parts.



March 14/10:
Desmosedici OEM Plastics back from the Painter - quality better than OEM, and - same Redtone for all the Parts !

March 11/10:

Both half of the weight of the OEM Fueltank, so approx 2.1 kg, means weight saving more than 4 lbs.
I think about Production, but because the complex and expensive mold and CNC Parts to fab I need a bloc of interested parties, drop me an E-Mail if you're interested.
The Fueltank ( 22L or 17 L) will be 3500 Euros net.



Feb 26/10:


Now the Fueltank-Dummy is in the makes..the real Fueltank will be located under the seat Area.

Also, as I need to have the heelguards done for my Rearsets I firstly will copy the OEM Heelguards, and then will use a Dummy to adapt those for my own rearsets.



Jan 18/10:couple of News.


Jan 15/10: Available now-D16RR Titanium Axles .


November 30/2009.




October 26/2009.

For better Understanding: a new Picture of the full Fairing-Stay/Air-Intake Combo for the Desmosedici here.





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