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Durbahn Ducati V3 , August 16/2008                  

Routing of wires.
Sensors mounted at present:

Indication-Lights :
- Shiftlight
- TC Working LED
- Warning light for important case sensitive Failures

ADL2 Alarms:
-  Approx 40 different Alarms configured at present

ADL2 Outputs - all used
ADL2 - Approx 50 of 79 Pins used

M800 Inputs - all used
M800 - Approx 50 of 68 Pins used

OEM Ducati left side Switch unit reworked for ADL2:

High Amp Auxiliary Precision 5 Volt Power supply added

Communications :
ADL2 to M800 : Can-Bus
ADL2 to PC : USB
M800 to PC : CAN

Number off logged Channels at present : 105
Number of wires /all different colours : 115

Slipper-unit by Air-valve , braking Moment programable                 




My RC51 , my 999 V2  are running on Motec ECU's , soon my RC30  - so , when late September 2006 we started the rebuild  , it was one of the first decisions to use a M800 to replace the OEM  ECU .

Feel free to check the Motec Site :

This Motec ECU  is a free programmable ECU more " by the way " . We went for this System because :
- Quickshift is integrated
- it has Logging of all parameters
- You're able to define your own Traction-Control System
- Shiftlight output
- Anti-hopping via Software is possible , if you write your own tables for a servo controlled Air-Valve
- permanent Lambda Control ( or just monitoring/Logging )
- you can define your own Launch Control Tables
- ground speed limiting ( you can use for many purposes )

.... and much more .


Wire harness / Sensors

Of course you have to build your own wire harness for this ECU , and the extends of the wire harness are in direct relationship to the Sensors you'd like to use .  So for the first Time we went for a monitoring of :

- All usual Engine parameters  ( TP. , Engine temp, Air Temp , Lambda , Injector duty's, revs, Airbox-pressure..... and so on )
- Shock and Fork positions
- Brake pressure
- Wheels speeds ( accurate high resolution , because Traction Control )
- G-Force ( acceleration /deceleration )

It is not really complicated to build a new wire harness , but it takes Time . Depending on the Volume of Sensors it takes between 2 and 5 days , which means 20 to 50 hrs ( of course.... if you're familiar with that stuff ) . One of the most important things is : you need lotta different colours of wires , son therefore we bought a couple of CBR1000RR wire harnesses on E-Bay , because CBR1000RR has a higher range of different colours .

If you'd use every input and output on a M800 ECU you approximately need 60 different colours .

If that sound like too much work for you we're able to build a wire harness , custom , for your 600RR .

Freedom of  programming

 A M800 has 1000% more flexibility than a HRC ECU in conjunction maybe with a Powercommander .
You even can go for 4-dimensional Fuel tables , if you feel a need to do that .

But it's work , of course , if you start from scratch .
The Advantage I had , was - lotta experience since 2002 with RC51 , Ducati 999 , which helped a lot  to make the CBR go .
But of course now , as the work is done , we're able to deliver Files for M800 /CBR600RR (03-07) , which will let the CBR600RR run from the first Moment you press the starter-button . We are also able to deliver pre-configured Files depending on the Volume of Sensors which you'd like to have and also the full range of sensors too .

Some Screenshots  ( you can download the Software for free : )

Fuel adjustments :
A Demonstration of the Flexibility of Fuel-Adjustments you can see below . Not every possible table we have filled , to make the CBR going , but i.E. IF you feel a need to change the Engine throttle response .... sharper or softer maybe , you can change it.

Ignition Adjustments :