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600 RR Underseat Fueltank / Tailsection / Fueltank -dummy

Designed for radical track purpose , it is a ultralight 3 piece Setup :

- Will fit 03-06 600RR , will check 07 RR soon
- Fueltank- capacity is ~ 10.5 Liter , which lasts for 50 Minutes on track , designed to accept OEM 600RR Fuelpump
- Weight of the Fueltank ( without Fuelpump ) is 1,25 kg ,and it's built from Carbon/Kevlar
- Weight of the Carbon Monocoque-Tailsection is 1280 gr , and has a integrated Battery-tray .
- Weight of the Carbon Fueltank-dummy is 500 gr
- So the total of the Combo is 3.1 kg or 6,8 lbs !!

The Parts , Material Carbon - it comes with a black gelcoat , ready to paint , or not :
Fueltank-dummy Carbon 
Fueltank Carbon/Kevlar , incl. CNC-machined Fuelpump-Socket , and Newton-Filler
Monocoque Tailsection Carbon  - incl. integrated Battery-tray and Seatpad

Charge for Parts in Carbon-sight !

Note: the Parts are designed to match each other . I can not say if other aftermarket Parts will match any of these Elements.

Explanation Tailsection - Filler - Fueltank - MountingSpots   

The Fueltank-Dummy:


600RR Racing-Alternator 03-07RR                                        
170 Watt Racing-Alternator , improved handling , better acceleration :
- Rotor (Flywheel) is only 300gr or 0,66 lbs and half of the OEM diameter
- 75% reduced rotational Inertia
- total weight loss 1.6 kg or 3.53 lbs
Content of delivery :
Rotor and Stator , CNC machined Adaptor for Stator , Rectifier ( pre-wired ).


600 RR Racing mini rearbrake Durbahn/ISR 05-07 RR
By far this Racing-Brake has not the Braking power of a OEM Brake , so it is designed for track and all those who :
- look out for unsprung weight loose ( better response of Shock)
- general weight loose ( the mini Brake is 0.8 kg less , or 1.7 lbs
- nice Optics . This rearbrake is hard to detect , nearly hidden behind the Swingarm
- Brakeline can be routed below Swingarm - clean Optics then
Available in : Silver or black !

Pictures :

Mini-Rearbrake mounted at 07 600RR                                     
Here on our 06 600RR                         Here bare- silver   

600RR Durbahn Rearsets

After some testing of different usual brands of  Rearsets - which all broke at a simple lowsider  , I decided to fab my own.
Custom made Production possible , Price on request . 


ISR Radial mount superlight 6 Piston Calipers :
For 05-07 600RR's

They're 1lbs less than OEM - EACH !
So that leads into 2 lbs less UNSPRUNG weight , so better response of the Fork , next to weight loose generally and very nice Optics .

Pictures : ISR Caliper                                           ISR Caliper mounted      

ISR Radial Master Cylinder
The worldwide most innovative and sophisticated Master-Cylinder !
Continuously adjustable Stroke at this Master Cylinder allows you to adjust it exactly up to your needs .
It's a Masterpiece of Engineering , + wide range of Lever-Adjustment even allows adjustment for people with little hands .

Picture : ISR Radial Brakemaster             


ISR Brakediscs / optional with Readerslots for Traction-Control
Since 1995 I have nothing but good experience with ISR .
They have real stopping Power , do not tend to buckle , durable and light .
Now available even with readerslots for Traction-Control.

Individual Fabrication possible , I just need Offset , inside diameter of hub , Amount of bores + bore-stretch .

Picture : ISR Brakediscs with Readerslots     Mounted     


Combo : Ohlins-Fork + Gilles Triples with adjustable Offset
The Ohlins-Fork is not available for a 600RR , so we had to go a special way in conjunction with a special Gilles Triple Clamps .

Note : Special internal hydraulic/spring-rates settings available from the winner of International German Championship , Honda-Holzhauer .

The complete Setup  -
Ohlins Fork , Gilles triples with adjustable Offset , CNC Machined Front Axle
Picture : Front-End CBR600RR with Ohlins-Fork


Ohlins-Shock :
Lot of my friends had real Problems with the new TTX Generation , so they removed it and used the conventional Ohlins-Shock .
Of course it's just a matter of Time and some further development , then the TTX will be better than the conventional shock , but as long as we are not there I recommend the std. Ohlins shock for the 600RR

Note :Special internal hydraulic/spring-rates settings available from the winner of International German Championship , Honda-Holzhauer .



Arrow full Titanium Exhaust
That's a " Must " for every lighweight 600RR - saves tons of Pounds ... well , as far as I have measured ~ 14 lbs shaved weight .
Also the colors of the headers- once driven e few miles - look macho .
I do have no #'s about Hp gains , probably they are on the Arrow-Website , but I do not care too much about that .
Even it would have a few Pony's less than OEM it would be worth the dough to spend- due to the lightness .

Pictures : Arrow full titanium System mounted     


PVM Wheels 10 spoke forged Magnesium.
The Way to go too .Even less rotational Inertia than BST Carbon Rims. Used also by Toseland , leading CBR Team in WSBK .
PVM is doing very special Rims for me , squeezed out lightness , with different cush drive to accept special sprockets + a special lightweight floating Brakedisc , designed for a smaller hub of the wheel.


Picture : Durbahn 600RR on track , May 2007 :


600RR Motec M800 ECU  / with Traction-Control
Inside a range of 8000-13000 it is possible , to realize a professional ECU with all the features of world leading Teams , as TC , Quickshift ,Shiftlight  Logging of Suspensions , Lambda... and whatever.
The Final Price of course is depending on Sensors , wire-harness features as connectors ( which itself can be 2000 's easily ) and lot of other components .
Picture :
A Screenshot of the Interpreter-Software I2pro ( free download at www.motec.com.au ) .
The light blue line shows when the TC is busy 


Complete rebuild CBR600RR
Well - once world lightest CBR600 RR is already  done , there's nothing to hinder me to do that a 2nd Time , but it is not quiet clear , if I will have the Time at all for such a rebuild . Anyways - the 600RR shown here took 28000 only for Parts , so not included labor . And - I'm still not at the End with this Bike . Meanwhile it looks like I'm able to lower the bike down to 139 kg ( 306 lbs ) without Fuel , but including Engine-Starter , so we're talking about ~ 144 kg for 30 Minutes Riding/Fuel , that's 317 lbs.