CBR 600 FS 00-02 Monocoque Carbon

From November 2005 to April 2006 I've used all the spare Time I had, to create a conclusive designed , lightweight and functional Tailsection for the CBR 600 (Year 2000-2002 ) .This Tailsection needs no Subframe , because it is the subframe . Weight : 1380 gr , or 3.04 lbs .

Additional the undertail (which is integral Part of the Tailsection ) has a special inside curved shape, which allows you to mount a muffler , very hidden inside .I created a Bracket too to carry the Battery, the starter-relays and the rectifier, which you can fix inside the Tailsection .

The ride-height now is at 80 - 83 cm , depending on the Seatpad, which you can choose , so somewhat 4 cm more than stock .
If you never have driven (sat) on a stiff and not puffy seatpad/tailsection, you can not imagine the feel you have for the Bike .
This stiffness and therefore feedback will make you faster without noticing that .

On special request I can Fab a bracket for #-Plate/Blinkers....and so on.

This Tailsection is AVAILABLE , contact me .









Good to see on this Picture ,the slim seat-area . Makes it easier to move around on the Bike, you reach the ground with your feet without necessaty to spread the legs....

The explation Picture , Airventilation, the bracket ,Fueltank mounting spot ,Clamp :

The Exhaust , solo:   PC35 Monocoque C.jpg (100136 Byte)

Here what I have done, was not so complicated as you might think , cutout swingarm and reweld ,for clearance

The inside hidden Carbon-Bracket    .....the Bracket